How to upload a document using my cloud app on android

The  WD app is not exactly intuitive.

I can open a document and then choose Send To->My cloud app.

At this point the document shows up in the Downloads tab inside the My cloud app. 

How do I push it from here to a directory on the device ? 

Here are the steps I take on my Android phone.

  1. After opening the My Cloud app and choosing/selecting a document, up in the right corner of the screen I see what looks like two sheets of paper. When I press on that it shows: Copy to: Devices and WD My Cloud is showing.
  2. I choose WD My Cloud and it shows: Copy to: Shares and a list of all my shares are showing.
  3. I choose Public and then it shows: Copy to: Public , a list of files is under this.
  4. I choose which one I want it to go to and in the top right corner of the screen is a check mark.  I press on this and it is saved.


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cat0w (USA)

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Thanks ! Selecting the two sheets icon worked.

I see that my upload speed was about 300Kbps. It took 10 seconds to upload a 2.5 MB .jpg.

I know there are a number of hops in between but are there any WD optimizations to improve this speed ? 

I also noticed that in the Activity window my file was stuck in “In progress” for several minutes after uploading.

And my file didnt show up in my share ( in the app)  for several minutes too.

Is this lag because the WD is taking time to index what i upload ? Even so, several minutes is too much lag.

Is there any way to improve this lag ?