How to unlock

Hi, IM very new to here, I need a help?

I have wd my passport , first I installed to my macbook after one year I sold my macbook, then now I use windows computer, xp is running , now I connect to my passport to computer it display this message, 

“You must run the Unlock application from the WD SmartWare CD associated with the drive you want to unlock. Click Exit, locate and open the related WD SmartWare CD, and then run Unlock to unlock the desired drive.”

I try many by searching Google and here but can’t find a solution , please help me

You should be able to unlock the Passport, but if it was previously formatted for Mac ( using the HFS+ file system), Windows will be unable to read your files. You will need to reformat the hard drive again for Windows. Note that this will delete any files that you have saved. Follow the link below for the steps.

why should i formatted the disk,? there are very important file to me, is there anothere way ??

you can follow above mention unlock process.

to read mac formated HDD in win7, you need 3rd party software

here is one of the guide

this is not a WD solution.