[HOW TO] Unlock WD Passport on Catalina

I can confirm that WD Security is installable AND does work on MacOS Catalina on MacBook Pro (late 2014) models!

Here’s a link to the WD security download for Mac: https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?p=172#ctl00_WD_rpSoftwareMac_ctl03_lbtnExpand

Install WD security and run the app. When prompted, plugin your Passport. It will then prompt you to enter your Passport password. From there, you’ll be greeted with options to update your security settings which include options to (1) remove your password, (2) set a new password, (3) add auto-unlock to your computer, and a few other items.

Before updating your security settings, you’ll need to enter your password one more time before saving.

I just did this and my passport works as expected on Catalina!

Hopefully this saves a lot of us who’ve upgraded from some major headaches!


I followed everything you wrote here, problem is it stops me at that screen for (1) remove password, )2 set new password, etc - it won’t let me move to any other screens after this, it just keeps me on this screen, highliting the option to chose. I have changed the options and tried all of them to no avail. Nothing after this screen. Does anyone know how to move passed this to actually get the Passport working. I have entered my password a million times already