How to unlock WD MyPassport WITHOUT ADMIN RIGHTS?!?!

Hello all…

I want to know how we can unlock those WD MyPassport WITHOUT ADMIN RIGHTS.

because the employees like managers does not have admin account because we from IT only has the admin right/account.

sometimes the managers need setup whole document into Mypassport for the client but the problem is she can’t unlock it because she needs an admin account or rights so which means i with admin account should unlock everytime but i want to avoid that.

also some our clients does not have admin rights too and they cant open their product(mypassort with important company documents)

please is there any that normal users without admin rights can open/unlock it?

please let me know its a urgent because lot of clients arent happy now.

sorry for my broken english, hope you guys understand what i try to explain

ps: i gave all those mypassport a password in advance, when i give to manager he/she cant open it due no admin account and his crew need fill it full documents for the client and after all set up we send de drive to our client but also he/she are not able to open it if they have not admin rights…

the reason why i do it in advance is to give them all strong and secure password en also i have a system/application with database. when a client ask a password for his mypassport then i will send it via SMS trough the application i have setted up.

Have you tried installing WD security on their computers and setting it to auto unlock their drive on that computer? See the article from WD support site below.

sadly its not the information i am looking for because i am not talking about 1 drive i am talking about hunderds of mypassport drive so i can’t auto them all, but thanks for answering and trying to help me bro :+1:t5:

you may be able to use group policy to deploy the application to the computers.