How to uninstall WD Smartware off of My Book Essentials, then use the drive as an external drive

I have a WD My Book 1TB external drive.  It is slow, and the WD Smartware really uses up a lot of resources while it;s running.  I would like to uninstall the Smartware, but use the drive as an external drive.  I am running Windows Pro-64 bit.  Appreciate any help. 


Have you tried it the usual way, the Control Panel > Uninstall programs? I suppose you find the instructions in your User Manual (it is described in my manual, but I have another model of My Book), otherwise this link might be helpful


   You and I are attempting the same thing this morning. Confiriming I used the conventional means to uninstall SmartWare by clicking Start > Control Panel > Programs and features > click on Smartware and click uninstall. Checking Task Manager, I can confirm Smartware is no longer installed. No Windows restart required.