How to tweak the new WD DLNA server? (on certain folder only)


Is there anyway to set up and tweak the new WD DLNA Server to only scan

certain folders? 


This would be interesting to know… This and also a way of cleaning up the incredibly messy folder structure once you patch from Twonky to the WD DLNA service!

Talk about going through a maze to find what you’re looking for…

You can’t adjust per folder, but you can adjust per share.  

The setting is done via the SHARES menu.

Anyone knows if there’s a configuration file to edit (like twonky server)?,-my-book-world-%28white

Thanks Shabuboy, but we need one for the new WD DLNA Server, not the twonky server configuration. In case you don’t know, the latest firmware introduces a new DLNA server so you have a choice to use the new one (WD) or the old one (twonky).

Apologies, did not know that.

I found this file /usr/local/dlna-access/xml/exclude.xml Could this be it? Anyone knows if it’s safe to edit this file and add my own list of folder name to exclude?

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