How to turn off USB drives safely

So im aware that in order for me to turn off My Cloud safely I have to use the utilities section of the dashboard, but this does not turn off the USB drives that I have plugged into the back of it. They remain on.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Click on the USB symbol at the top of the dashboard homepage, it gives you the option to eject. :-) 

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Ha how did I miss that? :slight_smile:


No prob, we’ve all missed things at one time or another!

Glad to help.


Well it turns out this doesn’t seem to work. I eject my USB drives through the my cloud dashboard, then turn off the my cloud itself. When I then pop upstairs to unplug them the USB drives are still running. Any thoughts?


I eject the USB drives from the MyCloud dashboard but the drives do not turn off. Anyone?

Ive just had the computer in the same room as the drives and what actually appears to happen is that when I eject the USB drives through the mycloud dashboard they turn off as they should. When I then turn off the mycloud drive the USB drives turn themselves back on again. The dashboard then gives me no option to disconnect them and I have to turn them off by unplugging at the wall.

I am currently using the latest firmware (updated today).