How to turn off the media scanner

I have a My Passport Wireless Pro and want to turn off the media scanner: It consumes too much of the CPU and drive space, and the feature is of no use to me. I want to use the device mostly for accessing my files, media and non-media, through file browsers. Is there anyway I can disable the feature?

Disabling the media server allows for the media scanner to be turned off for the WD My Cloud product family. However, I am not aware if this is the same case for the WD My Passport Wireless Pro as well.

You could try it out.


Disabling DLNA (Twonky) or Plex does not disable the media scan on My Passport Wireless Pro

Samuel Brown

Why is this? I want to completely disable any media scanning and only have it be a basic FTP and Samba file server.

I dont want to have multiple GB of thumbnails and preview files created for services that I do not use!

hello, are there already solutions for this problem to stop this bothersome media scanning? in google with “wdmcserverd stop” i found a lot of solutions for wd cloud devices, but did not work for wireless pro :frowning: .