How to turn off auto logon

i want to manually connect to mybook live from my laptop.  the auto logon is slowing my boot time down, and I get an annoying unable to connect message at startup.  i see how i can  do it in the dashboard, but i suspect setting the network connection to manual from the dashboard affects all of my machines, not just the laptop which is the only one i want to connect manually.  

searched the forums, but could not come up with an direct answer.  i looked for something in the startup manager, but did not see a program related to wd my book live.  


Is the drive mapped?

When the drive is mapped the feature can be on or off…

If not mapped, it should not auto log on

it will only show available on the network but the compute will not try to connect to it

if the drive is mapped go to the map location and disconnect the drive

when you map again do not select the " auto logon " feature