How to troubleshoot the router (MyNet750 and Asus Oplay Air)

Hi, i just upgraded my old linksys g router for a new WD mynet750,

but there is one major problem.

With my Asus Oplay air (a wireless media player connected to my tv) a lot of time, it wont stream anything.

First the connection is made to the router, the Oplay can get an IP from it.

After, the Oplay can connect to the computer and it can see all the files.

But, when i want to play a file (movie, music, pictures), it wont start at all.

I have to shut down the router, the media player and restart the process all over again,

and this time everything is playing great.

My question is  : is there any way to troubleshoot the problem? or is it a known bug.

I didn’t have any problem at all with my old linksys router.


Hello, have you tried setting a manual IP for the Asus Oplay Air? Also be sure to have the latest firmware version installed.