How to troubleshoot disk errors in a Storage Space

Apparently I have hardware problems in my DS5100 :frowning:️.

Event Viewer shows many instances of:

An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk8\DRxx during a paging operation.


An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk7\DRxx during a paging operation.

Client backups aren’t working, and repairing the backup database doesn’t fix it (it says the backup db is repaired, but then I can’t actually perform a client backup). I did a system restore from a recent server backup (from before the client backup problems appeared) and that didn’t fix it, so it looks like the problem is on the storage space disks that hold the client backups.

How do I determine which physical slot corresponds to which Harddisk ID?



If one of the drives is defective, you should be able to see that on the task bar over the WD icon.

Thanks for your reply. Do you mean on the server, or on a client computer? I don’t see an WD icon on either. In any case, Dashboard shows 4 internal drives “functioning normally.”:

Does that indicate SMART state? Or some other measure of health?


Where did the SSD come from ? :wink:

I dunno. Do those event log errors pop during a client backup?

What error is in the essentials backup section of the event log on the client PC when a backup fails?