How to transfer quickly and where have the backups gone?

HI all,
I have bought the Mycloud 2TB drive and to be honest im sick of it already. Could you help me with a few things please?

  1. I currently have a 500GB external drive and want to transfer everything to the cloud drive. Tried Copy and paste but its going to take 2-4 days as its over the wifi. Tried doing it through USB but keep getting a notice saying ive changed the name of a folder? I have no idea whats going on…

  2. I tried using Smartware to transfer the stuff and set the path as my external drive hoping by backing it all up i would then be able to access the data from my phone app… ow how i was wrong. Smartware said the backup was complete but where exactly do the files go as i can’t find them anywhere?



Hi there,

Regarding your first issue. what happens if you try to transfer the data on a wired network? The transfer rate over WiFi is normality slower than wired, and if you have a lot of data I suggest doing it wired. Also the error for the folder you are getting when does it happen?

Regarding your second question, the smartware software, normally backs up in to the share called “Smartware”, which is not visible from the phone app, however it is visible locally from the computer, inside the share there is a folder called “smartware.swstor”.

Have you looked at the User Manual Appendix C: Troubleshooting (P-95) Is that the way you set up your connections?