How to transfer music from Wd External drive to TV Live Hub drive

Recently purchased WD Live Tv hub.

How do i transfer 246Gig of Music files (MP3) from WD My Book

into the 1TB WD TV Live HUB media center.

Can I suggest that you transfer a small amount of your collection in the first instance so you can play around with it. 

i hooked up My Book USB connection to TV LIve Hub. after 7 hours I am able to access content. so it downloaded the menus. But shows  “0” files in Music Icon.

I would like to access music content from Local media library Hard drive. this will allow for a better optimized search.

In the past when a copy from one External drive to another, i use the USB to a PC. Copy and paste  Drive"E"  to new drive “F” for example. Files are transfered.

Is there a way to transfer My Book Music files into the HD of the LIVE HUB.  If so How do i go about transferring to WD HUB