How to transfer media through Wireless and wired LAN

Like this,

I have a Netgear wifi router, WD live Hub is hooked up with it via a Ethernet Cable, and my Dell XPS is connected to the router via Wifi.

I set the address of the WD Hub to be

I can copy media files to the 1TB HD right on the HUb, with a USB plugged in, but it’s a lot of time

is there any way to send file directly from the computer to the Hub thru the Network

Help me out, thank you guys

Yep…  On your PC, go to 


and you can copy your files there.

The Live Hub is equipped with a Gibabit ethernet port. However, as we’ve discussed elsewhere on this board, file transfers are not even close to gigabit speeds. You just need to turn on the Hub’s Windows file sharing.

However, IMO, I think the fastest way to transfer files is to physically unplug your USB drive from the hub and plug it directly into your PC.

I’m currently copying two MKV file from one PC on my Gibabit network – connected with a wired gigabit connection – across the network to the live hub. They’re transferring at around 8 MB/s to 10 MB/s. At this rate, It’s probably going to take about 20 minutes. Hooking the USB drive directly to the PC would yield 35 MB/s to 70 MB/s…so the movies would be there in a fraction of the time.

So, to answer your question, it’s more convenient to transfer files across a Gigabit network to the live hub using a gigabit-wired PC to the router, but not as fast as plugging / unplugging your USB drive. I use a Windows shareware utility that seems to give a little more speed overall called ExtremeCopy Pro.

Hope this helps you.

Thank you guys !! I am working on it now.