How to transfer large files to Sentinel

I would like to be able to use he sentinel as a media server and a place to store large files.

It seems the “dashboard” can only be used to backup computers.  These backup files are not in the native file format. OK, fine.  I can not find a way to transfer individual files in their native format via the dashboard. So I tried Remote Desktop Connection using the copy/paste method .  I had only partial success.  Small file sizes such as .jpg and .mp3 seemed to transfer from my desktop to the Sentinel just fine.  However, large files like ~7.5GB .iso files would not transfer. I did not get any error messages.  I would just try copy from my desktop then paste to the Sentinel and it did nothing. 

So then I tried transferring these large files to an external HDD first, then I plugged it into the USB 3.0 port on the back of the Sentinel. Using Remote Desktop, I was able to successfully transfer these large files from the external USB drive to the Sentinel.  

So, does remote desktop have a file size limitation?  Is there an easier way for me to transfer large file sizes onto the Sentinel over the network? Having to transfer files onto an external HDD then from the external HDD to the Sentinel is more steps than I like to take. 

That is a big file :slight_smile:

From your client computer on the launchpad click shared  folders.  It will open etc,  Drag and drop/cut and paste whatever, and just wait.  That is just LARGE

Thanks for the tip.  I’ll try that tomorrow when I get a chance.  

Yes, I’ve got a lot of large SD video files.  I will be editing some HD soon so expect the files to get much larger.