How to transfer from a WD Passport 1tb to a WD Wireless 2tb

Is there a faster way than copying all 1tb files to a Wireless WD via 3.0 usb…?

than copy and paste method?

A direct copy/paste batch process is the recommended method.

What do you mean direct batch copy/ just sleect all the folders and manually copy and paste? I just dont like the times when you copy and then in the middle of the process (when you are not on the computer) it asks you other option which stops the copying if you do not click anything… pop ups of certain commands to either mere a folder for example or sometimes it cannot be copied or something… I do not mind waiting long but osmetimes when you leave it, it asks for things.

I see what you mean.

Check out Xcopy that is part of Windows 7, or Robocopy in later versions I think. I believe they have command switches to suppress the popups and questions. They are a little complex, but should work.

Or take a look at the results in this Google search:

Try this (free for non-commercial use)

It does a fast copy and you can leave it to get on with the job. It will also automatically check the copy if you want. It can also integrate into windows so that it becomes the default copier.

I opened the package and was about to do the quick setup but it wont turn on. seems that the battery is low. SO i plugged in the wall and it is blinking red… I tried plugging into the computer and it would be solid blue, and when i removed it from the computer it turns off. SO it means its low?

Can I use this device always charged or must I always charge it on the wall? Or if it is plugged 24/7 on the pc, it will be fully charged always?

Page 5 of the manual.

Red means the battery has 8 to 19% charge.

Pulisng means it is charging.

Pulsing Red means the battery has 8 to 19% charge, and it is charging.

Charge the battery fully and then set up the MPW, as per the User Manual or Quick Start Guide.

When you plugged it in to the computer, you put the MPW into USB mode.

When you removed it from the computer, it turned off, just like any USB hard drive would do.

You can use the MPW while it is on charge. Always if you like.

If it is on charge 24/7, it will always be fully charged.

RTFM =  Read The Fine Manual. That is what it is there for. Read it all while the MPW battery is charging.

Thank you Roderick.

What is MPW? 

onsdoo wrote:



What is MPW? 


MPW  = “My Passport Wireless”


is this normal transfer from 3.0 to 3.0 from my old WD passport to the WD Wifi? 

I left it last night to transfer while I was alseep and when I woke up now, it showed that it tansferred only a portion of the files from my old drive. Usually it has to command buttons that appear in the middle of the copying if something needs to be approve or something could not be copied, but this situation, when I woke up it seemed done but it did not copy everything. So I have to do it again…

What is wrong?

It depends. . . .  Are you transferring on a network, or on same PC with both drives plugged into it’s USB3, or USB2 ports?  Neither drive is a speed demon, so if you are plugging the USB3 drives into a USB2 drive this seems about right.

A word of advice.  Never try to swallow the entire elephant – cut it up.  So, this is A LOT of data on slow portable drives, so break it down into sections of about 4 equal sections of equal gigabytes.

I will delete the files again because some transffered on the oflder and some did not … So I will do as you said and copy and paste in chunks and check the properties if they matched the size to make sure it transfered the entire folder.

Are there anything here that I can delete which are pre installed in the drive? It looks ocnfusing to keep these and if i can dleete them if they are not important or beneficial.

It is a good idea to keep the “User Manual” and “Product How to Videos” in your language. Always handy to have available.

Also, keep the “Sample Media”. They are good for testing playback and transfers, I find.

That will total less than 1.75GB if English is your chosen language.

Yes, keep it all for now as it takes minimal space. 

Also, I copied all my data to a new folder I called MY DATA so my stuff is separate from the pre installed stuff.

mike, i trnafered just one folder with 300gb files and when i compare, it is missing some files or atleast one folder…

so how do  ilocate and make sure what did not transfer will transfer.

So as you can see files and a folder is missing…

I just iwsh there is a software that is free that does the copy and paste much efficient… I had to keep copying for like 3 times eveyrtime it finishes the next day , it still has missing files, so i have to repeat it , and then keeps transffering slowly… until it got to this where some foes and a folder is missing…

but that is just one of the folders among 30 with a lot of stuff too

I don’t know what’s wrong, but I can say I do not drag and drop this much data.  I mark (highlight) what I want to copy, then use copy command, move to other drive and use paste command there.  Try this instead of drag and drop.  Good luck.

i dont drag. i copy then go to other drive and paste… i dont cut nor simply move it to other drive… i guess its just a lot… i dont know what i should do

you can see they now have the same amount of files, but the old drive shows 1 extra folder, but the amount of files are the same for both drives now… So what does this mean? 

Also, how come size on disk on the new drive shows more than the old one? pretty confusing

OK, so here is an idea:  The passport portable is likely formatted NTFS whereas the wireless passport is formatted a different way so it works with both Win and Mac computers.  It is called ExFAT, and the file allocations space is most likely different causing the discrepancy.  You may not have a problem after all,  Have you determined that certain folders or files are actually missing from the wireless drive after you copy?  With this much data it might be difficult to determine, so copy even lesser amounts of data so you can see if any are missing.

Maybe someone else can add a suggestion.