How to transfer files to My Cloud ONLY -- not on the internal drive?

I have a Macbook with a 64 gb SSD. I want to be able to do the following things:

  1. Keep a full backup of the computer’s contents at all times. I am using Apple’s Time Machine software to do this, and it seems to be working fine. Around 50 gb got transferred in a few hours, and the software appears to update the backup every hour or so. My understanding is that if there were some catastrophic failure, I could completely restore the computer onto a new machine using this backup.

  2. Manually transfer files to My Cloud, to keep ONLY on My Cloud (not on the internal drive). Here’s what I did: created a new “Macbook transfers” folder in the “My Cloud” folder, and dropped the files in there. The problem is, I think those files are still stored on the internal drive.

When I set up the My Cloud, a “My Cloud” folder appeared on my desktop, along with a “TimeMachineBackup” drive (the icon is a hard drive with people holding hands on top), and a “[MyName]” drive (same icon). So, what do I do with these files that I want ONLY on the My Cloud? Do I need to move the “Macbook transfers” to the “[MyName]” drive?


Hi, the files that you want only on the WD My Cloud, you can just move them from the original location to the “[MyName]” folder and remove them from the computer, that way they will be only located on the My Cloud and you will have access to the from that share.