How to Transfer files from one Share to Another without WD My Cloud Desktop App?


I was using WD My Cloud Desktop App to transfer my files from one share folder to another instanly. If I do it over Windows, it copies files to my computer first and transfer them to another share which takes so long time.

Now I’m not able to install and use WD My Cloud Desktop App for Windows. So how should I transfer files between my Shares?

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In Windows have you tried this, see example image below. Here I am dragging from my Horace share to Shared Music under the Public share.


Generally you would use Windows File Explorer (since you are using Windows). There are other options however. If you have a mobile device you could use the My Cloud mobile app to move the files. Or one can use the web portal if they have setup their My Cloud for Cloud/Remote access.

Or one could use either Putty ( or WinSCP ( and connect to the My Cloud using SSH and either issue the commands to copy/move files or folders from a Putty command terminal window or if using WinSCP, one can use the GUI interface to move/copy files.

Or one could enable FTP via the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings and use a FTP client like FileZilla ( to manage the files on the My Cloud.

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