How to Synchronize music files and use with Plex


I synchronize my music between my hard disk and my cloud home.

On the cloud, all the files are synchronized in the folder “Sync from desktop”

I have installed Plex, and all music files must be in folder “Plex\Shared Music”

Is it possible to customise synchronized folder (“Plex\Shared Music” instead of “Sync from desktop” ) or is it possible to customise the Plex folder (“Sync from desktop” instead of “Plex\Shared Music” ) ?

Thanks in advance


I don’t own a My Cloud Home but I suggest you read this.

I have Windows 10 and this shows under that when looking at the information provided in the above link.

Desktop Sync Folder Renaming

The renaming of sync folders are not supported and may result in data loss.

Renaming of sync folders can cause all kinds of issues due to in progress file management being disrupted, and can cause data loss. If a Sync folder has been renamed, it should be Unsync’d and deleted.

Thank you. It is what i read.
But is it any way to synchronize music from a local disk to cloud and listen in a other device (mobile phone )?

You may want to visit the Learning Center for more information and look at the User Manual.

If you have already done that then maybe someone who has the My Cloud Home can answer your question.

Thanks, but yes, i have alrdedy done it.
I hope that someone can help me…