How to synchronize Excel files for all three: laptop disk, WdCloud and smart phone?


Mainly I work using Excel files on my Hp laptop.

WD Cloud has WD Smart Ware which backs up all changes in my Excel files immediately from my laptop.

But how do I add my Samsung Smart Phone and get my Excel files synchronized so

that also my laptop’s Excel files do get the newest data changes?

So far the only way I have learned to do:

Open WdMyCloud apps in Samsumg smart phone

Find that Excel backup file

Open it by WPS Office program in smart phone

Make notes in my Excel file


New notes will be in my WD back up file… but

how to get those changes synchronized also to my laptop’s original Excel file?

The big risk is, while I continue working on my laptop

I will forget totally, that I made new notes by smart phone to that back up!

Something I did not get yet?

This does not sound OK!

Thank you for all guidance!


WD Smartware will recognize the changes made to the document on the Pc and it will add it to the backup, but the changes made on your smart phone you will have to upload them manually.

You should post this in the ideas section or do a search to see if there is already a related idea and vote.

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