How to sync two MyCloud at different locations?


I would like to use two My Cloud devices, at different locations (e.g. one at my home (“MyCloud1”) and one at my parents’ (“MyCloud2”)), and have them both do automatic weekly backups of my PC.

Also, I intend to store some videos and photos (currently on my PC) on my MyCloud1, and then delete them from my PC. Therefore, I would need MyCloud2 to synchronize once a week the content of MyCloud1.

The whole idea is that if my MyCloud1 gets broken or stolen, I could still recover my data from my MyCloud2…

Would someone know if this is even possible??

Many thanks! :slightly_smiling:

The My Cloud comes with WD Sync that will sync specific folders on a computer to a My Cloud. The My Cloud also comes with the Smartware backup program that will backup certain folders/files on a computer to the My Cloud.

Because you are trying to backup or sync to two different My Cloud devices you may need to investigate third party backup software and or sync programs. The main problem is trying to backup to the My Cloud remotely using third party programs. It can be done but it will involve port forwarding on one’s router the My Cloud is connected to and possibly configuring and or accessing the My Cloud through SSH. The My Cloud does support FTP but there are security issues when accessing any FTP server (like the My Cloud) remotely.

Hi Bill_Abong

if you don’t have bought the devices right now, I want to recommend to use at least a My Cloud Mirror Gen.2 or a My Cloud EX2100, both two-bay devices.

Here the “Cloud Sync” you are asking for is part of the firmware and integrated as a Remote Backup job over My Cloud Accounts. The white singlebay My Cloud doesn’t offer this remote backup capability.

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Hi Joerg,

Thank you for your reply. I just have a few remaining questions:

  1. Is the cloud sync easy to setup with those devices?

  2. Can you confirm that if I delete a file from MyCloud1 for example, the file will also be deleted in MyCloud2 automatically?

  3. On which criteria should I base my decision to buy a MyCloud Mirror Gen 2 vs. a My Cloud EX2100?

  4. Are any other device capable of doing this Cloud sync except those two? (e.g. My Cloud Ex2? or My Cloud Mirror?)

Many thanks!

Of course, simply type in your My Cloud credentials, select the device to use (if your account is associated to more than one device) and select the folder to use. The rest will be done automatically.

Edit: I just realized that this important backup type is not described in the manuals, only a small little hint on page 94 at “Remote Server” is talking about this. See English User Manual Mirror Gen.2 on page 94 of the PDF.

If you choose synchronisation method, then yes; if you choose copy, then the target will keep the deleted file for backup reasons.

First of course the price, then the difference like two Gigabit Ethernet at EX2100 or a physical power button on EX2100.

Starting with the Mirror, all My Cloud devices have the Remote Backup option over My Cloud ecosystem. The only one not offering this My Cloud ecosystem Backup is the one-bay single drive My Cloud.

Thank you!

So just to be sure before buying:

  1. Would these devices work?


  1. As those devices have 2 bays, is it possible to use them both, i.e. using full 10 TB of data for example, instead of 2 x 5 TB in mirror mode within one device? (as I want to mirror fully one device with another at an other location)

This one does…

bet: no, it doesn’t :wink:

The Single Bay My Cloud can only do so called Safepoints if another device is present in the same IP network but it cannot do My Cloud ecosystem Remote Backups over the WAN side.

Hi Joerg_A

I appear to have a Gen 2 Single bay drive running Firmware 2.10.310 and providing an interface and choice for backups identical to that on my MyCloud Mirror drive. How can this be ? ‘Safepoint’ field appears to have been replaced by ‘BackUp Field’ Have a look at my other post as I really do want to get to the bottom of this conundrum. I’ll take your bet (carefully) as you are the expert !!

Cloud & Camera Backups missing from the menu but Remote backup fields identical to that on my MyCloud Mirror…

Sorry for confusion, I was not informed about these major changes in Single Bay My Cloud Gen.2…

No worries, happy to highlight this for you.



Mmm so sorry I’m a little confused :wink:
Can I synchronize two single-bay My Clouds, at different locations, after all?

e.g. with two of this model?

NO. Unless you have bought a Gen2 single-bay MyCloud that the European Technical Marketing Manager wasn’t aware was for sale…

See WD: this is what happens when you launch products without proper support: customer confusion ensues…

If there really is a Gen2 Single-Bay MyCloud, then you’re going to need a manual for it, and a support forum, etc…

Sort yourselves out, FFS…

LOL! I was not aware that the Remote Backup over My Cloud and the App Center was activated in it :wink:

EDIT: the App Center of Single Bay My Cloud is NOT the same App Center of others, no third party apps available to be installed in this new device. The Safepoint feature from the older Single Bay My Cloud is now located under the App tab in the new Single Bay web UI.

LOL! I was aware that the Gen.2 is out

That’s reassuring… Good that WD employees know about it. Shame that no-one else does…

So; why no public announcement, here, or elsewhere?
Why no manual available?
Where’s the support forum?

Thanks for your question. The different code lines you see are due to internal changes WD has made as part of our My Cloud device software development. These code lines both provide the same operational functions, and there are differences in the web interface as you may have noticed. All devices, including yours and others running the 04.xx code line, will continue to have anytime, anywhere access through and associated mobile applications. Sorry for any confusion, and hope this explanation helps.

Infinite options are available without the need for WD apps for any product. However, it would take some advance skills but nothing too complicated.

Most NAS, including WD’s run some light version of Linux. Setting SSH, DDNS and some simple rsync scripts schedule with a cron job is all your need. However if you open ssh to the internet, make sure to use a strong password or disable root for remote connection, which is the recommended option.

For Windows, look into “robocopy” command, and as rsync, a script can be created to run at anytime you set it for.


Certainly! We don’t really provide support for doing that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, but I am always inspired by the cool things people do with their My Clouds.

As Bill clarified, there isn’t a new My Cloud that was launched. The different code lines you see are due to internal changes WD has made to make some logistical transitions easier for us on the product side. The code lines offer the same operational functions.

Can we have that in English, please…?

Why then, if there’s no difference, does it say ‘Gen 2 My Cloud’?
Why is it running a completely different firmware? You do realise that will make life even more difficult for the unpaid 24/7 support staff…(us)? See my comment above about creating confusion.