How to sync two MyCloud at different locations?

NO. Unless you have bought a Gen2 single-bay MyCloud that the European Technical Marketing Manager wasn’t aware was for sale…

See WD: this is what happens when you launch products without proper support: customer confusion ensues…

If there really is a Gen2 Single-Bay MyCloud, then you’re going to need a manual for it, and a support forum, etc…

Sort yourselves out, FFS…

LOL! I was not aware that the Remote Backup over My Cloud and the App Center was activated in it :wink:

EDIT: the App Center of Single Bay My Cloud is NOT the same App Center of others, no third party apps available to be installed in this new device. The Safepoint feature from the older Single Bay My Cloud is now located under the App tab in the new Single Bay web UI.

LOL! I was aware that the Gen.2 is out

That’s reassuring… Good that WD employees know about it. Shame that no-one else does…

So; why no public announcement, here, or elsewhere?
Why no manual available?
Where’s the support forum?

Thanks for your question. The different code lines you see are due to internal changes WD has made as part of our My Cloud device software development. These code lines both provide the same operational functions, and there are differences in the web interface as you may have noticed. All devices, including yours and others running the 04.xx code line, will continue to have anytime, anywhere access through and associated mobile applications. Sorry for any confusion, and hope this explanation helps.

Infinite options are available without the need for WD apps for any product. However, it would take some advance skills but nothing too complicated.

Most NAS, including WD’s run some light version of Linux. Setting SSH, DDNS and some simple rsync scripts schedule with a cron job is all your need. However if you open ssh to the internet, make sure to use a strong password or disable root for remote connection, which is the recommended option.

For Windows, look into “robocopy” command, and as rsync, a script can be created to run at anytime you set it for.


Certainly! We don’t really provide support for doing that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, but I am always inspired by the cool things people do with their My Clouds.

As Bill clarified, there isn’t a new My Cloud that was launched. The different code lines you see are due to internal changes WD has made to make some logistical transitions easier for us on the product side. The code lines offer the same operational functions.

Can we have that in English, please…?

Why then, if there’s no difference, does it say ‘Gen 2 My Cloud’?
Why is it running a completely different firmware? You do realise that will make life even more difficult for the unpaid 24/7 support staff…(us)? See my comment above about creating confusion.



Do you have a specific question? We can help clarify any confusion. Also, can you clarify what you mean when you say that the product says “Gen 2 My Cloud”?

I would like to know if a new hardware model of MyCloud has been released ‘on the quiet’, and, in particular, if it has any improvements in hardware performance (e.g. processor speed, memory).

It appears from this thread:

that there is indeed a ‘Gen 2’ device in stores, even though no official announcement has been made. The packaging is different, the part number is different, and it is running a different version of firmware; it lloks to be somewhere between the Mirror and the Japanese WD Cloud product, judging by the Dashboard images.

When I suggested that Joerg_A (your European Technical Marketing Manager) didn’t know of the release of such a ‘Gen 2’ product, he said he was aware. So, there is some acknowledgement from WD that this new product exists.

The problem for us unpaid support staff is that if someone buys a new ‘Gen 2’ MyCloud, and comes here and asks questions, we’re going to assume it’s a V4 firmware build, and give advice accordingly. If the firmware is different, that advice may, at best, be useless, and, at worst, danagerous, resulting in bricking of the device. Your paid Support staff might also have this problem, although at least they may have the means to remotely connect to the device, or have access to the diagnostic reports that us unpaid support won’t have…

Whilst I can see that you might want to be a bit cagey about announcing a new hardware platform MyCloud, running a different OS, in order to allow retailers to clear exisating stock without having to discount it, I suggest that you will eventually have to provide some proper support for any new device: a new forum, a new manual, a new firmware upgrade repository. Because if you don’t, things are going to get very confusing for your customers, us unpaid support, and your WD Support. Or is that what WD want…?

I have answered your question about why this person has a different code line. Joerg_A may have thought that you are referring to a future product, but we can’t comment on products that may or may not be in development that haven’t been announced.

We do appreciate your contributions to our community and will continue to support you in helping others. The user manual for the firmware 2.x versions should be up shortly, and it should help with your efforts.

If it is not really new hardware as seems to be implied here. is the next FW upgrade from 4.x to 2.x?

Indeed; if it’s not new hardware, can we install the new firmware on our ‘Gen 1’ MyClouds?

I’m still struggling to understand what this means:

The different code lines you see are due to internal changes WD has made to make some logistical transitions easier for us on the product side.

Logistical: manufacture or supply chain? i.e. where or how stuff is made?
Transitions: they’ve moved production? they’re changing production priorities?

If so, and assuming no hardware changes, why would moving manufacturing require a change to the version of firmware?

Is it perhaps a Mirror circuit board mounted in a single-bay housing, but with firmware capability reduced from Mirror to simple MyCloud in order to maintain functional compatibility? (e.g. in order to balance production lines to meet changing demand). If so, then such a device might be attractive to me, as a customer, since it offers the possibility of improved performance. i.e. if I knew that a ‘Gen 2’ MyCloud had a faster processor and more memory, I might buy one.

And I’m sure WD want me to buy more of their products…


We absolutely would want you to purchase our latest cutting edge products, and to your point we would announce a new product. We did make some changes, but I’m not going to comment on “manufacturing or supply chain”, or other types of similar internal changes on our community forums.


I’m not going to comment on “manufacturing or supply chain”, or other types of similar internal changes on our community forums.

I wouldn’t expect you to; but I was trying to decipher your gibberish about ‘logistical transition’; you started that discussion. I don’t really care where you have stuff made (provided you don’t exploit workers or expose them to unsafe working practices).

But I do care about performance, which is why I’m trying to get to the bottom of what exactly this ‘Gen 2’ hardware is, and if it offers potential performance improvements that might encourage me to buy the product.

If WD don’t want to reveal that now, or ever, that’s fine; that’s your prerogative. It’ll come out as soon as someone does a teardown, though; I guess I’ll just have to look out to that…

@cpt_paranoia thanks for taking the mantle.

Back to my original issue (:slight_smile: ), can someone confirm:

1 . That the following models would work and synchronize, even if located and connected to different internet networks?

i) My_Cloud_Mirror_8TB_Recertified

ii) My_Cloud_Mirror_Gen_2

iii) My_Cloud_EX2

2 . Do I have to have two identifcal MyCloud devices, or can I also sync two different devices at different locations? (e.g., MyCloud Mirror and MyCloud Ex2)


Up ! :slightly_smiling:
Could someone help me with this?


I want to do the same have to backup copies in two devices. I wonder if I can make it with this device : WD my cloud 3tb personal cloud storage. . Are this hdds prepared to be online the whole time or I need something different, this is just to keep my files updated and secure in both places.

I was thinking two buy two of them it is just for me and my wife. Personal files, photos and my kids school documents. Is this ok ? I was thinking to buy two of them and place it at home and at my office so I have everything safe

See the following with respect to backing up one single bay/single drive My Cloud unit to another single bay/single drive My Cloud unit in a remote location.

Officially you cannot “sync” one single bay/single drive My Cloud to another single bay/single drive My Cloud. Unofficially it may be possible to sync or backup one single bay My Cloud to another. However, most methods use SSH to modify the My Cloud firmware to do so. Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, as there are a number of past discussions on backing up one My Cloud to another remote My Cloud. Here is one such discussion: