How to sync between MyCloud Home and MyCloud?

I had a MyCloud, and recently purchased a MyCloud Home. MyCloud is the single source for all families to upload their contents, and I would like to use MyCloud Home as my 2nd copy. I haven’t been able to find out how to make MyCloud Home to automatically sync the new contents from MyCloud yet. Is there any expert out there to give some advice?

I currently have to delete old copies on MyCloud Home and re-import from MyCloud once in a while. With the volume of the contents, the whole process takes a whole day to complete. I would like to see this process more manageable, to have MyCloud Home to detect & only bring in the new contents added from previous sync.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi alamedakwong,

You can use the network import feature of My Cloud Home in order to import the existing data of My Cloud device.

However, there is no way to keep the My Cloud and My Cloud Home in sync in order to import the new data from the My Cloud device. You can use the Desktop Sync feature of the My Cloud Home in order to keep the data in-sync with My Cloud Home.