How to Switch Networks on WDMyCloud

I have three networks for various reasons. today I thought I had lost my WDMYCloud. When I switched my computer to a different network I was able to see the device again. Now I cannot work out how to change the network my device is on. Any suggestions greatly appreciated .



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I have this problem too. Just changed internet provider and I need to know how to change the network on WDMyCloud. Plugged it in with ethernet cable but I still can’t see it on my devices.

You may already know this but just in case.
I can still acces MyCloud from the web as well as the network of mine that works. I use the name of my device in my browser as follows wdmycloudmitch.local that brings up a page that asks for user and password. From there I think u should be able to change the network. Think it may be by switching from static to DCHP but not sure and don’t want to cut of access. Hopefully someone else will give us a clue