How to switch back to wired ethernet?

I got the WD PiDrive running with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. During BerryBoot, I selected WiFi, but I’d like to change to wired, Is there a way to do this? Do I need to rerun BerryBoot and how would I do that?

unfortunately … FAQ “7” would most probably apply in your situation (which i personally think is ridiculous if that’s the only way) :frowning:

“7” I did the BerryBoot set-up using a wired Ethernet connection and now I want to change to a Wi-Fi access. How do I do it?

There’s no way to change to a Wi-Fi connection after initially setting-up BerryBoot for a wired connection. A fresh installation is needed (re-format the SDcard, uncompress the BerryBoot zip file to the SDcard, etc.).

Hey there Russ_Adams :slight_smile:

The KB that @JoeySmyth shared refers to setups that were initially configured as Wired while, if I understand correctly, you have your setup configured as Wireless.

The easiest solution would be a full reinstall and then reconfigure your settings the way you’d like them. There may also be other solutions such as using PuTTY which you can look up online.

I’ll do some additional checking and will post back with more info :slight_smile: