How to stream videos from MyCloud

Hey guys,
I was wondering how do i stream videos from the mycloud over the internet? When on my laptop on the same LAN as the mycloud its easy, i just locate the drive in windows and click the file and it plays in VLC. The mycloud app on my android works perfectly too, just click a file and it streams it to my phone.

However when I am on a different LAN to the mycloud, how do i stream the videos i want to watch from the mycloud? I access the drive from the website, I log in, however when i click a file, it just tries to download it in my browser. I would like to stream it instead just like it does on the app, either in my browser, or is there a way to access a file explorer in windows still, despite it not being on the same LAN?

Sorry if it sounds a bit confusing, please let me know if you need me to clarify anything. Basically the mycloud is at work, connected to the internet. When I come home from work, i still wish to stream my videos and things on my laptop at home.

Perhaps it would be best to send an E-mail to WD Support about this.

Try to provide as many details as possible related to what you would like to accomplish alongside your Internet upload speed.

I’m not sure videos can be streamed by using, and that they need to downloaded first, because I have seen similar complaints like this in these forums. I have no issues streaming remotely to my iPhone or iPad, yet never have tried streaming remotely to a computer via

You can use the My Cloud Desktop program for Windows (, or for mobile devices use the WD My Cloud app for Android or iOS to stream media remotely from a My Cloud device.

If one has the older first generation v4.x single bay My Cloud units they can install the CloudDAVMod ( which allows one to use a web browser to access and stream media through their web browser remotely, and to map the My Cloud remotely to their computer.