How to stream laptop signal via WD TV Live onto TV screen


I need help PLS . . . I would like to stream my laptop screen onto my TV - Sharp 70LE835 which I think does not support Intel WIDI ?? AT least my laptop ( Windows 8.1) does not see my TV but it sees WD TV Live. The question is how could I see laptop screen on TV usind WDTV ?? Is there such possibility or any other ?

Thx in advance


The WDTV Live Streaming (SMP)  [latest Firmware 2.02.32]  &

The WDTV Media Player  [Firmware 1.01.30]

supports Miracast for device screen mirroring.

Check the List of Miracast Compatible Devices:,-wd-tv-live

Pictures of the only 2 WD Devices that support Miracast

WDTV Live Streaming (Models: WDBHG70000NBK   WDBGXT0000NBK)

WDTV Media Player  (Models:  WDBYMN0000NBK    WDBPUF0000NBK)

Hello Joey,

Thx for your answer. I have the WD Live Stream and have updated the Firmware so indeed my computer is now trying to connect to WDTV Live but everytime WDTV after few seconds gives message that due to poor network quality connection is not possible and that I should try later :frowning:

My computer : Sony Vaio Pro 13 ( SVP1321C5E).