How to stream directly?


I’ve got a MyBook Live Duo 6TB.

I think there has been LOTS of trouble allready. I’ve got it 3 months ago, and i’ve still hav’nt got it to work as planned…

(Your mail support is the worst s*** ever made…)

Right now i’m trying to get the stream working, on other networks, which means when i’m away from home, i would love to have access to the server aswell.

I’ve got a Samsung TV where i would like to stream from my Samsung Tablet, a B&O TV where i would like to stream from my IPad 3.

NOTES: This is when i’m away from home.

The NAS got 20/20 mb download/upload.

My other homes have 12/2 mb download/upload.

I’ve downloaded the WD MyCloud app for the tablets, and when i choose a movie it appears on the screen.

I’ve tried different formats and so on.

Here is my problems:

720p/1080p with MP4-file format (included .SRT subtitles): I experience a lot of stut/laggin when the subs appears

  • NOT watchable.

720p/1080p .MKV files, not supported by devices.

  • NOT a solution

720p/1080p MP4-file format (no subs)

  • Running fine

I’m asking for a solution to put up my movies WITH subtitles:

  • What movie format?

  • What subtitle format?

  • Hardcode subtitles on the movie?

  • Limit filesize?

Hope i make myself clear, thank you.

  • Christian

The only subtitle format supported by the app on iOS is Apple format subtitles, which are vey difficult to create. Other apps support various formats including SRT, so you’ll need to DOWNLOAD the file via the app, then OPEN WITH… using another app. No way to stream directly, as the apple architecture doesn’t permit it.

Android app doesn’t do any playback itself, it depends on whatever player you choose when opening a video file via the Cloud app.

But given your internet speeds, I’m impressed you are getting 1080p to work at all, as that generally requires MUCH more internet bandwidth than you have. I have 40/40 Internet, and none of my 1080p comes close to working.

Thank you for your reply.

I was affraid of that problem with Apple, but well thats typical…

So you would suggest running 720p instead?

  • As mentioned, there is stuttering when im not at home, but thats only without the subs.

I really dunno why it takes so much of the tablet, running the subtitles aswell.

I hoped there was an other way to, than to download…

  • Wanted a solution like Netflix…

  • Christian

Compare the bit rates of the files… I suspect that the subs are only a coincidence. But I guess it could be an apple incompatibility.

The bitrate does not increase much, when muxing subtitles on.

The problem with stuttering appear on both Apple and Android