How to store the contents of a usb drive into my NAS

Hi, I have a 250 Gb external usb disk that I want to connect and backup directly to my nas. What app can I use to load it quickly unto my nas? i can only find an app to backup in the other direction (from nas to usb-device).

Please help, thanks!:smiley:

You can plug the USB disk at the back of the NAS, then you can use WDMyCloud desktop app. Or, if you are comfortable with SSH, you can use SSH to login as root and copy the files from the USB disk onto the target shares. Just make sure you use the NAS UI to eject the USB disk before disconnecting from the NAS, or you WILL corrupt your disk.

Safest method is to plug the USB disk in a computer and copy fo network shares. This will be faster than the USB at the back of the device on a wired Ethernet network.

Thanks for you reply Etupes,

Problem not solved yet: when I open the WD My Cloud EX4 App, I go to the tab “BackUps”. There I select “USB to NAS” and select the folders. It does make a task, and when I activate that task, it shows a progress bar from 0-100%.

However,  it stays on 0% for ever. When I leave the computer and return after 15min, the WD App has closed and I have to login again. After Login I go to the BackUps page again and there it says: cancel (not awaiting my action, it just says cancel. When I look into the the destination folder, I find it has copied some files into there, but only a few.

When I press the ‘play’ icon next to the backup task, it seems it starts to backup again, but the same thing just happens again.

Why doesn’t it finish this backup task? 

I will now try to use explore and copy it manually into the WD Device, and will let you know.

You are mentioning some UI/procedure that I am not familiar with because I only have a WDMyCloud, not the EX4 version.

I am not sure you need to go to the backups (just guessing). The USB drive should be one of the shares. You would copy that share contents to a on-board NAS share.