How to stop Twonky from scanning video and pictures?

I deleted all pictures and video from the MyCloud drive and moved them to a WD elements drive that is not mounted on the mac.
And did a rescan of the twonky server.

However, I would have thought I would have 0 photos, and 0 videos, but the scan shows Songs: 1461Photos: 2039

There are no photos or videos on the mycloud. Looking at the files on the web browser I see pictures and videos.

The pictures are there, somewhere:

Here is a link

So how can this be? How do I get a scan where the Public Shared Folders are used from the MYCloud.

I don’t want any video, or pictures on the Twonky server.

Twonky is generally only used for local media access using a DLNA client on the local network. Remote Access is generally completely different. If you have moved your files around you may need to rebuild the Remote Access database. One rebuilds the remote access database by accessing the My Cloud Dashboard then Settings then clicking the configure link next to remote access. Then select the Rebuild button.

If one wants to exclude the USB hard drive from Remote Access set USB Content Availability to Off.

Pro tip: Those little “i” balloon icons in the My Cloud Dashboard can be moused over to show information about the setting it’s next to.


What do you have selected to share in Twonky? Look at it and be sure to read all the information and help that is provided. Any changes you make be sure to click on, Save Changes.

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