How to stop sharing of folder in

Hi guys,

My question might sound stupid, but I really failed to stop the sharing of folder in (neither user limited share, nor public share).

Please advise.

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Hello there,

If you are trying to stop cloud access, try to turn it off and check if after doing this the share are not accessible. In case i am not correct, please clarify what you are trying to do so you can get better assistance.

Maybe I didnt expess myself clear. I want to stop the sharing of particular folders to which access was provided to a user or public. I dont want to stop the sharing in general.

If you log into your MCM, on the dashboard under the cloud access item on the ribbon menu you can set up the cloud access for each user on your device (which account via email address the user names are linked to).

For the shares, you can set that normally under the shares item on the ribbon, but you can’t have a user have access to a share under normal local network access but not via cloud if they have cloud access enabled. In such a scenario, if it’s a problem I’d probably give each user two accounts, one specifically for local access and one for cloud.