How to start Auto-Upload in WD Photos app

When I updated to the new WD Photo app to 2.0 I got the a pop-up asking if I wanted to activate Auto-upload from my phone’s photo gallery to my MBL.  I clicked yes, and checked the box to upload all current pics from my phone.  Nothing happened so I went to the settings and made sure that Auto Upload was activated…still not auto uploading happening.  I then, in the app, clicked menu, tips and under tip #3 it states, “…to track upload status, add the WD Photos widget to your home screen or view your Android device’s notification bar.” 

So, I went to add the widget but there is no WD Photos widget to be added, and there is nothing in my notification bar indicating that auto-uploading is happening.

Is there something I am doing wrong to get the auto-upload feature to work?  I would love this new feature to work as it will make moving pics from my phone to MBL that much easier.

When I saw this post looked for the widget and did not find it either

Did you check to see if any of your recent photos have been uploaded on the MBL?

I checked and nothing has been added. When I do a manual upload from within the app a folder with my email as its name is created and the pictures are in there.

Has anyone got the auto-upload to work?

Apparently no one is having this issue or knows the answer to this one

you can try calling WD

Thanks for helping. Does the auto upload work for anyone?

Works fine for me on multiple devices.

What mobile phone are you using? What type of hard drive and what is the firmware version of the hard drive.

i Have a 2TB My Book Live - Firmware 02.11.09-053 : Core F/W

Cell phone - HTC Amaze running android 4.0.3

Still no luck with the auto upload working when connected to wifi…

If you can’t see widgets in Android it’s because your app is on the SD Card. You’ll want to move the app to the phone memory in order to add the widget.

Now to be more confusing, I also don’t see any widgets for either WD Photos or WD 2go. I’ll be forwarding this to our engineering team.

The SD Card widget thing is still valid though!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks Laura_F

I moved the app to my phone storage, and the widget is still not there. Does this also explain why my pictures are not automatically uploaded? Please let me know what you figure out.

Thanks again.