How to split My Book Essential External HDD?

How can i split My Book Essential External 3TB HDD?

I mean to split it for example as one 1.5TB (drive A) and second 1.5TB (drive B)?

Is it possibe to split it and if yes how can I make this?


It is really easy to do if your computer is running on Ubuntu (or most other Linux) operating system.  Just go to your admin controls and open Gparted and set up whatever partitions you want formatted in whichever filling system you choose. If you are still using windough$ it might be best to find a friend with Ubuntu and have them do it for you, then plug the drive back into your windough$ computer.

You don’t have to do it from *nix.

If you go into Disk Management, you can shrink the partition to whatever size you like and add a second partition in the space you just freed up.

Two responses above nailed it.  Mind saying why you want to do this?  I’m not seeing an obvious benefit to having two 1.5 TB volumes instead of one, 3 TB volume.

However, I’ve done “strange” things like that myself, simply because I found it mentally easier to keep stuff organized (e.g. one type of file would go to one disk partition, another file type to a different partition etc.).