How to spin down my HDD on idle? WD10EZEX-00ER1A0

first let me say i know little about APM.  What I have learned is all from searching for a solution to this post.

i have been looking for software that will spin down my HDD (date files, not OS) when idle after a certain amount of time. I’ve tried a bunch but they all seem to have problems (or i have problems with them)

revosleep - keeps telling me disk is in use so it won’t spin down. i know nothing is accessing the drive. at least according to Process Explorer.
HDDScan - it will manually let me turn off the spindle. there is an idle timer option, but it never works. it has a cool cmd line tool which would be great if it would work.
HDparm - more designed for Linux and the windows version doesnt seem to have an option to turn off spindles
HDsentinel - really nice program, but i can’t find an option for turning off spindle on idle.

others i have tried - Crystal disk info & Drive power manager

from what i can gather my drive just does not support a timer feature.  i can put the drive into standby manually but that’s it.

any suggestions?  thanks

Hello Callmejoe, welcome to the WD Community, unfortunately Western Digital does not support this on the WD Blue, if there’s an alternative for the WD Blue maybe an experienced user can assist.