How to sort videos? (Metadata)

Read the FAQ / searched. No help. If I go to Videos -> Media Server -> (my computer shares) then I have options to view videos like “All Videos,” “Video Genres,” “Series,” “Rating,” etc. But nothing shows up in them because none of my videos have this metadata. I have searched the intertubes and this forum and I CANNOT FIGURE THIS OUT. Please help. And forgive me if it winds up being trivial.

You need to look at the documentation for your media server software to figure that out.

But I would certainly expect your videos to show up under “ALL VIDEOS.”

Yes, they all show up under “All videos.” But nothing shows up under “Genres,” say, because I have no way to assign genres to videos. I’m just using shared folders in W7. Of course, I’ve tried 29 different ways to get into the computer through “Network Drives” but none of them work. Only if I go in as “Media Server.” So I have all my videos sorted into TV, Movies, etc directories, but that’s about it. Also odd - in Videos I see music videos in my MP3 folder… but if I go Audio -> Media Servers… I get “No media found.” …?

Also. I must be a moran because I am putting line breaks in between thoughts in these posts and this dumb forum is removing them.

Maybe I need to add br at the end of lines?


I’m guessing you’re using a tablet PC or an iDevice.   iPads have the same text formatting issue.

If you’re using the built-in media server, then you need to have ID3 tags in the content files themselves (only supported with MP3, MP4, M4V, WMV type files, not MKV, M2TS, etc.)

You can use a program like MP3TAG (it’s free) to assign that data.

Nope. Full-up desktop.

So… my ID3 editor works on M4V files. Fabulous!

Too bad it won’t do AVIs. No solution for that, I suppose?