How to shut down with computer power

how do you get the unit to shut down and start up with Computer power - it runs all the time>

It’s supposed to, as it’s designed to be put onto your network and be accessible by any machine on it (with suitable log-in credentials) rather than specifically with one machine only.

There isn’t any way to do what you want, other than to go to the MCM dashboard with your web browser and manually shut it down, and then pull the power and plug it back in again to restart it.

thanks bummer as I only wanted to be the backup drive for the computer
so how does the power schedule work?!

I’ve never used it personally, but it’s designed to allow a timer to be set to turn off the MCM at a given fixed time (or at least put it to hibernation sleep, which is close enough). You can then wake it up again using the WD Quickview app which you can install on your computer.

It’s not quite what you were after, but maybe a possibility?

Many thanks I’ll give it a try

Great service - funny I thought I read it did it but it must have been the blur for looking at models and trying to decide which one!