How to share MBL on Wifi network when directly connected to Win7 PC?

Hi there, 

I’mfully satisfied with my MB which i purchased a couple of month ago. Since the beginning i connceted it directly to my PC to file-shar, which worked without any problems - same as accessing the configuration interface over IP - and sharing my internet connection from wifi network or 4G LTE dongle (over connectifyme virtual router or ICS) to the MBL to access it anywhere (over wd2go or the mobile Android app)…

Unfortunately, when directly connected to the pc (since i’m not using any router - and no please don’t answer by saying ‘go get yourself a router like anybody else’ - i just won’t)  i cannot access the MBL on any other computer on the same wifi network… Is there a possible way to bridge the cabled MBL-network to the wireless network (either from Wifi or Wifi-hotspot)?

All help would be highly appreciated…


Hi, unfortunately connecting the My Book Live directly to the PC limits the options that you have available. Maybe some of the other community members can give you some suggestions on how to make it work. 

yes there is, but not worthy…

You need to create your own network. In a few words, you need to make one of your PC a router. Yes, that is right, a router. Remember, this is a NAS (network access storage), which implies you have a network in which you can share it. If attached to one machine, only that machine will see it.

It is a LOT cheaper and EASIER to use a home router vs making your own.

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