How to share folder with a friend


i have a

  1. wd my cloud 2tb

  2. mac book pro

  3. ipad/ iphone

  4. android phone.

first of all i cant understand at all what is this SHARE / USER and other terms the WD uses. its confusing. 

can someone explain it to me in basic simple language with example if any ?

secondly i tried sharing a folder with a friend via a link that WD My cloud generates. Looks like he gets an error USER NOT AUTHORIZED.   tried adding him as an user with permission to the parent folder as read only but still comes with an error.

any ideas guys how to sort this out?



To answer the first part of the question: a user is as it says someone you make an account for. You assign them permission levels as to what folders they can see and what they can do to those folders. In addition you can assign them cloud access so they can use an iPad, phone or computer go gain access. I find it much easier to give people a access code after I make their account instead of having them sign up for the wd2go service to access their files. Also I like to know how many devices are connected and when someone uses a email and password it does not seem to show up under cloud devices. Shares are pretty much the folders you have on your drive for mine I have pictures music documents movies etc. These are the things you assign users permission to see and what they can do.(example I have a ton of movies in my movie share and I have friends who can access this share to watch the videos only)

As for the second part that is a common issue that seems or happen with the new firmware. I had the same issue and I know other users have too. The main solution I have found is to do a soft restore and this seems to fix it. The soft restore does not erase any content but does reset the device name, users, and share folders

Hope this all helps!