How to share data between 2 WD live and a single Hard Drive


I got a WD Live Media Player with a hard drive that I  use as my media center. I just got another WD Live with the idea of connect it to the existing one and share the information of the  content of the HDD. My question is, is possible to have to have two media players with a single HDD. My main intention is  to watch HD movie 720p and up, so for what  I read, streaming is not an option.

If somebody has a solution, please share the information with me

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Yes, it’s quite easy.

Share your WD (the one that has the HD attached) on the network, and then the other WD should see it under Network Shares and be able to play its files.


Thanks for your fast response. I already tried that, but for some reason when I try to do it,when I try to login the network share shown as “Anonymous”. Can you tell me what is the password that you use to login?

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It shouldn’t need a password, so just leave it blank.