How to Share an Attached USB on Windows?

Hi guys,

I managed to share my attached WD 2TB Hard Drive before but now it’s gone again. I tried creating a new folder for share but the volume name is just Volume 1 and not USB anymore hence, files from the USB cannot be access. I figured this out before but I cannot do it anymore. Any help?

I searched the manual and found this:

However, on my end there’s no option to select which Volume (should there be a USB option?)

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Your USB drive is not being properly recognized. Does it still work when connected directly to your computer? Are other USB hard drives working with your WD My Cloud EX2?

Hello, USB drive is working flawlessly fine on the computer but not on the WD EX 2. Yes other USB drives are working properly with the EX 2. Do I need a powered USB hub for it to work again?

any help on this?

Have you rebooted or performed a reset of the EX2 ?

PS: reset will delete your configurations, BUT NOT the data from the HDDs, so you better save the configs.

still no go, tried both rebooting and restoring to default.

just to be clear, have you tried restore to default from the dashboarb or reset from the reset button on the back of the EX2 ?