How to share a photo album?

I know how to share a folder as a link. but this just gives a list of filenames with small thumb nails. how do I share a folder of photos so someone can view it as a photoalbum, with the ability to do a slideshow, etc. like a photosharing website such as flikr.

is it possible to share a photo album and not just a list of filenames with small thumbnails?

I would like to share something more aesthetically appealing than this

Hello wrightmderek,

I think they will add some more features like this in the future.

that would be great!
btw what makes you think this? have they stated plans for this?
Thanks for the reply!

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Hello Neo33,

Are there any more details you can give me?

The main purpose for me to buy this was to host and share my large collection of photos. but the current WD set-up seems to make this an inconvenient as possible. im sure others must be going through the same frustration as myself.

are there any more details you can give me about this?

any updates yet? sharing my large photo collection was the sole reason I bought this product. so I was socked when I realized this wasnt really possible.

the product would be vastly more useful if you made this possible

any updates yet Neo33?