How to setup on a second computer?

I have WD Mycloud Mirror set up on my PC via Ethernet.
Now I’d like to set it up also on my laptop, via WIFI.
I want to have them both working at the same time: the PC via Ethernet and the Laptop via WIFI.

How should I setup the Laptop?
I installed mc_windows_setup.exe on the laptop and it tells me to connect it to the Ethernet. I’m afraid to lose the connection on the PC if I do this. What should I do?



WD Mycloud Mirror is a Network Attached Storage device i.e. NAS. A NAS device is connected to and is accessed over a network. A NAS should not be directly connected to a computer except some specific situations involving the transfer of a large amount of information or for troubleshooting purposes.

How to connect a NAS to a Network:
-Connect the My Cloud to its Power Supply
-Connect the Ethernet Cable to your Network Router

To setup your WD My Cloud Mirror device:

One the device is set up; it would be available to use with all the computers on your home network for local data access and data transfer.