How to setup network share WDTV Live Stream with Windows 8?

I currently use DLNA to view my tv/movies on WDTV via my Windows 8 machine where the data is stored.

I want to learn how to setup network sharing.

  1. i believe I have correctly set up my media folder on my windows 8 machine to be network shareable

  2. when I go into WDTV and choose network share and then select my desktop from the list, it asks for a login and pw. Where do I find this combination of login/pw? I tried to use the login/pw that I use to log into my windows 8 machine but that does not work.

Thank you for any tips you might have.


Please see if the following helps.

Go to Control Panel, Network and Internet, Network and Sharing Center and then Advanced sharing settings, look for an option that says password protected sharing and make sure to disable that option so it wont ask you for a password.

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Thank you! That solved it.

The login screen goes away and I can access my media.

Now I need to test to see if the Network Share is more stable than the DLNA (which if I paused for any decent length of time would drop the connection).

Thanks again!