How to setup my book live on second router, in home network?

My setup is Router A>Router B>My Book live.

at the moment I have the routers set up as they’re own networks with no issues. I’m assuming I have to change something to get this to work properly. Any assistance would be great.

Im guessing Im going to have to move it and hook it up to Router A, but Id like to not do that.

Router B is setup with a default netgear network, and wireless is turned off. The only reason for Router B is because I have non wireless devices in my room that I cannot run wires to from Router A.

Said routers are Netgear WNR1000v2’s. any other details about my network or setup can be provided.

Why are you using two routers. Are they separately connected over the internet? Do you use different DSL-Lines? Please give a little more info.

Sorry I didnt know what details were needed.

The reason I have 2 routers is because I cannot run a wire from Router A to my bedroom for each of my none wireless devices. I had a router lying around that Comcast sent me so I used it to plug up my tv, and my xbox, as well as my book live. everything works aside from the My book live, because the second router is it’s own network technically, yet I do not access it from any computer. So I cannot access the my book live that is connected to it. Im thinking about just buying a switch to act as a wireless repeater, or access point, seeing as the routers I own do not have this feature. I just wanted to know if there was another way to set up 2 routers ( of the same model ) in one home, and still get my book live to work. I have 1 modem, with one ethernet port. It goes Modem>RouterA(downstairs>RouterB(upstairs)>MyBookLive

Router B is a default network, it has not been set up, and wireless is turned off. This is why the My Book Live doesn’t work. I don’t know how to set up the second router, without conflicting with the first.

Recap: Modem>Router A>Router B, Router B is supplied internet from Router A. They are the same model routers, Netgear WNR1000v2’s. If there is any other info just let me know what I can provide. Also, I know this router does NOT support alot of features, such as AP or Client Mode, so it can not act as a wireless repeater. So I’m looking into another Router or Switch, for around $50 dollars from best buy. But I want to make sure If I go this route, all my devices will work and be connected properly…my xbox, my tv, my Book Live.

I still wonder why you need two routers. So you have one router connected to the modem and then you got several devices on it via LAN (TV, Xbox, MB Live) and then you have some WLAN devices too, right? Where si the issue? Is your DSL access downstairs and you want your LAN connection upstairs? Then you need something like a bridge, or consider a powerline adapter.