How to setup Media Library?

I have a NAS with a lot of movies, TV Shows, photos and music on it. They are in folders all over the place.  The TV shows are grouped in folders called  “Current, Finished, Old, Children, Other”, for example. The Movies I group by genre - Action, Comedy, Drama, etc. I also have a documentary section grouped in various ways.

I originally added all the major folders to the Media Libray as shares. Seemed to work - but then I think I hit the arbitrary share limit. Dunno - it does not tell you, but some shares are not there - or are there, but not listed. ie they are not listed when I open the Videos section, but when I try to add them again in the Media Library, I am told the share already exists.

the other problem is that when I (say) open Photos, I get all the items in the Media Library. ie all the Videos and all the Music. Likewise when I go into Music, I see all the Photos and Videos. What the **bleep**??  Seems quite pointless having a media library if it cannot tell what the media is.

What I want to do (silly me) is to open Photos and see all my photos (from what ever folders I have setup) - if I open Music, I want to see my music. 

I have tried ignoring the media library, and just connect to Windows Shares. But that does not work either - it only allows you to connect to one share, and even then not to a specific folder within that share.

Is there anyway to do this?

Yeah, I think you might have had more shares in your media library than this latest version allows.  Silly move on WD’s part, but that’s the way it is.

I would recommend you do a Factory Reset (All EXCEPT online service accounts) and re-do your Media Library.

Once you’ve restored your shares into the media library, then make sure you set your CONTENT SOURCE (Red Button) to My Media LIbrary.

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