How to setup with UnityMedia ConnectBox for EX2ULTRA

Hello guys,

Sorry that I’m not writing in German, I hope you can still get me.
After hours scavenging the Internet for solutions as to why my ■■■■ brand new Ex2 Ultra can’t be connected from the outside, I’ve decided to try the solution that some of you talked about. I have Unity Media with DS-Lite (only IPv6) and I understand I need to have a map to IPv4 so that my device can be accessed from an external network. Unfortunately relay connection lets me connect but I can’t upload anything…

So I was wondering if any of you has used and can provide a step by step tutorial? I’m sure it would benefit A LOT of other people, as there doesn’t seem to be a definitive guide for this issue out there on the internet.

Thank you very very much for your time! :relaxed: