How to set up

I have an Odroid XU3 (think Raspberry Pi on Steroids) running its version of Ubunto 14.04. It is running owncloud. Currently I have a USB3 2T drive hooked up to it to store the files. It’s ethernet port is 

I currently have over 525G of data on the USB3 drive.

I just purchased a My Cloud Mirror for backing up the device. When plugged ito the ethernet it is at

My intention is to use rsync and do a cron job once a week to backup my files.

This is where I am stumped. I used the browser to set up the My Cloud Mirror device.

I do not know where to go from there. Through the browser can I set it to do this, or do I have to completely do this through the command line.

Is someone able to help me or point me in some direction.



On the MCM you need to create a share (or use the public one) as the back-up target. For use with Linux-based machines I would suggest that you enable NFS support on that share (on the MCM dashboard select the share, then it’s one of the tick-boxes on the set-up of that selected share).

When you do this the MCM will give you a URL for access of the share. You can then use that to mount the share on the Odroid as a drive, and you can use rsync on the Odroid to do the copy/back-up/synchronisation essentially between what will appear as two local mounts on the Odroid (your USB drive should already be mounted and available).

Currently there is no WD software for Linux (only Windows and Mac), but they are looking at support for single-board PCs (see the banner link at the top of the community forums) but it is early days yet.

For details on rsync etc, that’s something I’ve not done (yet, it’s on my to-do list to set something up on my Pi for a similar automated back-up solution) but there are plenty of pages available via your favourite search engine on the subject.