How to set up share?

I want to set up a share on my My World II (white) so that I can put “R” rated movies into a directory with permissions so that my kids can’t access the directory. How can I do this? Does it need to be created in the public directory so my WD Live can see it?

Thanks for the help!

Login to the storage manager for MBW. User name and password is admin, unless you changed it. Once logged in go in to advance mode>storage>folder shares.  You can create your private share there.

If I want the directory to appear in my WD live HD do I have to create the new folder in the Public\shared videos directory? Or how do I create a directory in my WB II so that my WD live HD can see it?

Thanks for the help


No. To create a share please follow the instructions from my previous post. Creating folders is possible within a share but not within the root of the drive.  On the other hand, if you have a MB Live just login to the dashboard (type mybooklive on web browser), click on shares and create new share.