How to set up Raid 1 on G-Raid Shuttle 4

Purchased G-Raid Shuttle 4 and it came with minimal instructions. I’m running Mac Big Sur v. 11.6.4.I want to set up mirrored Raid 1 for this unit but cannot locate any info on the web. Contacted support on 3/18/22, but no response as yet. This was an over 2 thousand dollar investment and I can’t believe the lack of information available on line to make this change in Raid modes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



G-RAID SHUTTLE 4 | Western Digital

standard RAID levels - Search (

Hi cat0w, thanks for your response. I’ve been to all of these sites and found that none addressed the issue of how to change the preconfigured Raid status. Even the link to their online manual on this machine is a dead link. When you click on it you get an error message.

I am unfamiliar with this product. . .doing a quick look on the website. . . . OH MY WORD. . . there is nothing there. Not even a user manual to download?

My instinct would be to return.

But. . . if I was playing. . .I have to believe that the there is a “dashboard” that is accessible via a web browser. Try accessing the IP address of the unit in a web browser. . .and let us know what you find!

There is a reference to using windows Disk Managment to configure the device. . .but I can’t imagine that is the way to go.

Let us know how this works out.