How to set up mybooklive as an sftp server

Are there very detailed instructions somewhere on how to set up the mybooklive as an sftp server?  Also, I’d like to change the root username and password but can’t seem to find that anymore either.  Are there instructions for that too?

I’ve got as far as setting up my router with DDNS and enabling ssh on my NAS.  Having problems with the next steps and trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong.


This particular feature is not officially supported by WD.

You can try the search option as there are many other threads discussing this topic.

Bare in mind that SSH voids your warranty.

Thanks but I think the instructions on posts like “how to set up a secure ftp (SFTP)” really refer to setting up an FTPS system.

SFTP and FTPs are two different things aren’t they?  I want SFTP.

So I’m having issues.  I think I did got most everything working following the instructions from here .

I think my problem is that I can’t seem to change the /etc/vdftpd.conf file to set a higher number of connections as instructed in the below sentence from the above linked thread.

"Finally, the FTP daemon that runs inside MLB limit the number of connection from one IP address to one.  Filezilla does not work with this set up so you need to change it to higher number ( I used 6)   you can change it in /etc/vdftpd.conf inside the MLB "

I had no problems SSHing into the mybooklive with putty.  I then typed pico /etc/vdftpd.conf and that only brought up a new blank file.  What am I doing wrong?


You are approching the whole thing in a different way if you ask me. If you can SSH (TCP 22), you should be able to SFTP and SCP without any additional changes, except some tuning. SCP/SFPT protocols run over 22 as well. So as long as you have a SSH service running. This is what I did for MBL and works for SFTP/SCP.

If you want to login via SSH with regular users, you need to do the following:

  • Create users and set permissions, passwords. (MBL’s dashboard)

  • Allow users to SSH (Command line, sshd_config, linux)

  • Set user’s home dir (Command line, passwd, linux)

  • Restart ssh deamon (Command line, linux)

If you want SSH access from internet:

  • Forward 22 port

  • Set DDNS

You do need some Linux basics though.

And yes, I use Filezilla and SCP command line all the time.

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It’s working now.  Thanks.